Friday, September 2, 2011

Spring Racing Event Plan posted

Event Sub-Committee
Peter Head
Leigh Hawes
Jules Taylor
Event Date and Time:
Saturday 24th& 25th Sept 2011
Registration by email to at pre- event training, or on the day.
Pre Weekend Briefing: Friday 23rd Sept Time and location TBC
Allocation of Race Number and Sign In: Sat 24th 9.45 - 10.30am
Registration Closes: 10.30am
Race Briefing: 10.30am
Earliest Race Start: 11.00am
Latest Race Start: 1.00pm
Course Options
In South Westerly - Ferguson Park
*Beach Start - Gybe close to WC18 Harbour Mark - Finish Line Close to Beach (start beach)
Course approx 2 miles, reaching, water depth 2m max.
Gybe mark to be moved depending on wind
*Beach Start – figure 8 course – Finish downwind of inner buoy
Course approx 250-500m legs, reaching, water depth <2m
*Beach to Beach. Fergy Park – Rangiwaea then Rangiwaea to Finish off Kulim
*Downwind blast.
Powerboat or race back to Fergy Park
*Upwind race – Kulim Start (edge of wind line) – Fergy finish*GPS speed trials
Several units available
Speeds recorded on a leader board (allowing for kit used?)
*GPS speed on the windsurf equivalent of the Top Gear ‘Star in the Reasonably Priced Sailboard Car.’

We anticipate a 90% probability of SW, however if an alternative wind direction forecast, then launch site/meeting point will be changed and courses adjusted to optimise conditions.
Course Notification will be posted on by 8am Saturday
Sail / No Sail Conditions
A boat will take wind measurements at a suitable position offshore.
Live weather from Port of Tauranga will be available
These will be relayed and communicated to all participants.
30 mins before the Race a decision will be made to either start at 11am, postpone the start (due to light winds) or cancel the event (due to high winds)
It’s proposed that the race will be run if the wind is above 15knots, and below 30 knots
If the wind is between 10kts and 15kts there may be a decision to postpone the start only if the wind is expected to pick up.
The latest start will be 1pm
The decision to race will be made by the Race Officer – The Race Officer  may consult the event committee
Race Start will be confirmed to Harbour Master (method TBC vhf or mobile)
Event Rules
All entrants must register, pay race fees and sign the entry form before 10:30 on the day of the Race
The race course will be published on the website by 08.30am on the day of the Race
All entrants must be competent windsurfers and be able to waterstart.
The Race will commence at 11:00am if the Wind speed reading is between 15 and 30 knots
The Race officer’s decision is final
The event organisers (elements watersports) nor its officers, members or other persons assisting with the conduct of the event accept any responsibility in respect of any injury or loss to person or property that may be sustained by reason of participation in the event or howsoever arising in connection with the event.
The Organisers reserves the right to change the rules
Kite Surfer Entry
No Kite Surfer entry permitted in the 2011 event
Registration Process
Name, board/sail colour/number logged (numbers available on the day)
Entry and Disclaimer form signed (including car registration)
Entry Number in perm marker on both hands/arms
Registration closes at 10:30
Briefing Process – Skippers Briefing
The following items will be covered at the Skippers Briefing:
Describe sailing area using large scale chart.
Competitors have sole responsibility of decision to enter
Competitors have sole responsibility for their gear
Competitors represent that that they are over 18 and have the skills and health required for the event.
All Race Officials directions including boat crew must be followed
A tally system tracks all competitors (see specifics below)
There are risks involved and competitors have made the decision to enter on their sole judgement
Rescue and Support Boats
There will be a total of 2 Rescue Boats (1 boat/ 10 entrants):

2 Provided by Elements Watersports
All boats and organisers will have vhf radios
The race area  has no VHF weak areas.
Tally System and Rescue Directions
The process of tracking competitors is as below:

All competitors will be given an individual number (marked on their hand in indelible pen)
All competitors will supply at sign up name, phone number and details of a separate contact person (elements watersports booking form)
Competitors progress will be monitored by course marshals, they will be insight at all times.
Boats will come alongside anyone struggling or if a competitor’s hand is raised (competitors needing assistance should sit on their boards)
Rescued competitors will be transferred to the beach (where possible the finish line)
It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that they advise the finish line marshall that they are on shore whether or not they have been able to complete the race
The rescue boats will not be stood down until the Race Officer is satisfied that all competitors are on shore and finished
Plan on the day is
7.30am – Race committee to confirm location
8.30am – organisers meet at race start
9.30am – review predicted and actual weather (harbour cams& weather reporting)
10:00am – Organisers Briefing, boat crews lay the course
10:30am – Skippers Briefing, all courses, time frames and key points posted on Event Notice Board
Return Transport
Elements will make their large trailers available and shuttle runs can be done by supports and sailors. (Every effort will be made to finish the event at Fergy Park).
Post Event Social Proposal
Saturday’s aftermatch refreshments - meet at The Trust at Bureta Park. This will be a cash bar. The All Blacks play France at 8.30.
Sunday prizegiving will be held at The Otumoetai Sports & Recreation Club at Fergusson Park
The makeup of divisions prizes to be confirmed upon the evaluation of competitor registration details.
Plus -  Spot Prizes and novelty awards for huge maneuvers, epic crashes and general moments of ‘jackass’!

Please acknowledge the valued support from the following event partners and sponsors;

Otumoetai Sports and Recreation Club

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