Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rena Latest - Volunteering

"Because we've got old oil that is remobilising on the shoreline, we still need lots of hands and bodies to sweep the beaches and pick up these weathered, tarry globs of oil.
Once this is done, the next phase can focus on mechanical recovery,'' he said.
Mr Quinn said while volunteer support had been outstanding, more people were still needed to help clean beaches over the coming days and weeks.
"We appreciate that people have busy lives, and that it's more difficult for people to get away during the working week to give us a hand.
"But if anyone can spare a few hours, either during the week or over the weekend, we'd love to have you come and help us. This is going to be a marathon - not a sprint.''
Mt Maunganui beach down to Tay St would stay open this weekend but other local beaches remained closed as old oil continued to come ashore."
Volunteering information
  1. You must be 16 years of age or older and physically fit. You should not be assisting with oil clean up if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  2. You must be willing to work a minimum of a 4-hour shift.
  3. If you haven't already registered as a volunteer, please do so online at
  4. You must bring your own pair of gumboots. Volunteers without their own gumboots will not be permitted to clean-up for safety reasons.
  5. Do not bring additional equipment, such as your own protective suits, shovels, rakes, sacks and gloves: these will be provided.
  6. Bring a small back pack with your own food and water. Clean-up can be physically challenging so you will need to stay well-nourished. The back pack must be comfortable enough to stay on your back at all times.
If you have any experience in bird or animal handling and could help with wildlife recovery please call 0800 333 771.
For any further questions email or phone 0800 645 774.

Thank you for your ongoing support, help and enthusiasm - the response from the community and our volunteers is inspiring.
Pim de Monchy
Volunteer Co-ordinator

BOP Regional Council

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  1. Some really good turnouts earlier in the week. Fantastic to meet with overseas tourists/backpackers and visitors from out of town, here to help with the clean up. Yesterday was more challenging in the rain @ Papamoa, however those who were able to help were equally as enthusiastic.

    The work is not too physical and far from technical,(certainly for those who are familiar with grovelling around in the kid's sandpit searching for cat sh*t).

    Beach sweeping machines are being employed to assist with the clean up, but some areas are needing to be revisited daily as the tides/swells continue to bring oil onto the sand.

    Feel free to register with maritime nz. You are sent daily txt/email alerts advising of numbers required at specific areas.