Friday, April 13, 2012

New Zealand Wave Nationals 2012 - Brilliant Photo Gallery

"The NZ wave nationals went off again this year with some pretty epic conditions – including calls of “as good as it gets!”
Yours truly went ahead and entered for a laugh and proceeded to bomb out faster than a cup’a'noodle cooking session. The good news was it meant I could grab some photos of the surf action for youse all to enjoy.
Ferran from Spain (pictured above) had a slow start in his first round, but after first heat jitters he laid down the gauntlet and proceeded to blow up round after round! Congrats to all the competitors and thanks to the organisers including Carbon Art and the Taranaki Windsurf Club. Look forward to next year!"

1st Ferran Crespo
2nd Paul Barron
3rd James Dinnis
4th Paul Hunt
5th =
Julien Lefeuvre
Craig Williams
Thomas Davies
Chris La Franchie
8th =
Olivier Perkins
Luke Holiday
Simon Smith
Hamish Dunning Beck
Jebbe Unthank
Jack Holiday
Mike La Franchie
Stephen Breakley

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