Friday, May 4, 2012

Learning to windsurf - A brief opinion piece

Back when I learned to windsurf, it was on challenging equipment with very little instruction. Needless to say, at the time windsurfing was THE sport to be seen doing, and I was fairly determined to get it. This will be the case for many of those windsurfers my age. What has inspired me to post this, is the enthusiasm exhibited by the kids I have been fortunate enough to help coach recently. The apathy, frustration and confusion, turned into smiles,"whoops" and fistpumps! You can see the changes in expression when instinct takes over, and this 'windsurfing nonsense' starts to make sense.

Here's the thing;
Cheap windsurf gear is bought and sold on every Summer, without the awesome benefits being realised. Too few people who have a go at windsurfing, follow through to experience the REAL thrills this sport offers. Don't let your ambition to sail across the harbour/lake or ocean swells turn into a frustrating, and short-lived experience,.......Get a lesson!

And for crying out loud, if you're considering spending hundreds of dollars on crap used windsurfing gear, (being sold as "beginner" or "starter") give yourself every chance of making the most of it by contacting people who know the sport - for their qualified advice.
Even better;
A lesson, with qualified instructors on user friendly equipment is going make the process, an uncomplicated and highly enjoyable experience, right from the 'get go'. Those professionals can then assist with any subsequent equipment purchases, advising on gear best suited for your ability and level of ambition.
Talk to sailors at the local sailing venues, and share in the knowledge and experience. These are the most dedicated of sportspeople,(often charging around in weather that would otherwise be classified as "rubbish"), for 1 reason only,.....It's bloody great FUN!

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